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Featuring easy-to-read phonetics, crystal-clear audio and our innovative "slow play" feature, SpeakEasy phrasebooks are designed to do exactly what the name says - make speaking a new language easy for you.

Written specifically for English speakers, SpeakEasy leaves no room for mispronunciation. Each phrase includes a translation to one of 7 foreign lanaguages, an easy-to-read phonetic translation, and an audio recording of a native speaker - all contained in a well structured, user-friendly interface.

For Spanish, SpeakEasy goes a step further, providing separate translations for European Spanish and Latin American Spanish. And, of course, the audio is provided by a native speaker from each region.

Whether you choose to browse phrases by category, or use the search facility to instantly find what you're looking for, SpeakEasy is an efficient lifeline when you know what to say but don't know how.

What People Are Saying

"I love the layout, how clear the voice is, and how much you can practice with this tool."
★★★★★ M. Eelio, SpeakEasy French, United States

"My favourite feature is allowing me to hold down on a phrase or word and have it repeated slower!"
★★★★★ Krazyshez1988, SpeakEasy Russian, United Kingdom

"We tried several different programs but this is the one everyone in our family agreed was the most helpful and easiest to use."
★★★★★ K9fixer, SpeakEasy Ukrainian, United States

"Great app, love the phonetics. Certainly helps with pronunciation."
★★★★★ Hazenizer, SpeakEasy Italian, Canada

"You have the best language apps on the internet."
★★★★★ John649, SpeakEasy Spanish, United States

Tons of Useful Features

Hundreds of Essential Phrases

Whether you just need a quick travel reference, or are learning a foreign language, SpeakEasy has the phrases you need.

Easy to Read Phonetics

Every SpeakEasy app includes easy-to-read phonetics, written specifically for English speakers. Can't read the Cyrillic alphabet? Not sure how to pronounce the "ll" in Spanish? SpeakEasy's phonetics have you covered.

Audio by Native Speakers. Not Robots.

Unlike some translator apps, all of our audio is recorded by native speakers of the language. So you can learn to speak the language like a real human - not a robot.

Slow-Play Audio

Learning a language is tricky at the best of times. If a particular phrase is too fast for you, SpeakEasy apps can play the audio slower.

Instant Phrase Search

In a hurry? Find the exact phrase you're looking for with our instant phrase search. Your search results are returned immediately as you type.

Reverse Search

Need to know what a foreign language word is in English? Overheard a word you didn't understand? SpeakEasy lets you search by English, the foreign language, and the phonetics.

Add to Favorites

Personalize your phrasebook by adding your most frequently referenced phrases to your very own “Favorites” list.

Sortable Favorites

You're in control, so sort your personalized "Favorites" any way you like.

No Internet Required

Whether you're on a boat, in the air, or in an underground tunnel, SpeakEasy will continue to work.

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